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What's Up in Whyville:

Sep 25 - HELP CITY WORKERS keep the citizens of Wilson safe! Join in on the WILSON CITY RESCUE CHALLENGE HOUR!
08:00 AM - Team up and test your math skills while earning clams at the SCION SOLUTIONS QUIZ GAME!
Speedy at simple math? Prove it during MATH EXPRESSIONS in the Greek Theater!
Be the first to find the hidden words in a game of LETTER SQUASH at the Greek Theater!
TRIVIA LIVE! with Coolethan 4 PM at the Greek Theater. Battle against others for fame and the coveted TRIVIA CROWN!
RAVEN ISLAND TRIPLE DAY! Earn TRIPLE THE CLAMS ALL DAY LONG while battling out of control campfires!
Compete with City Workers in the BIOlympics Arena Challenge Hour!
SUMMER STORYTELLING at 6 PM at the LAKE! Sit by the CAMPFIRE and toast some s'mores as you share your best (and worst) stories!
BACK TO SCHOOL PARTY at the Sportplatz! Official contest from 1 to 6 PM on Friday, but weekend contest runs through Sunday!
Work with City Workers in the Cafeteria Recycling Challenge Hour!
Look for HIDDEN TREASURE all weekend long in the land of RAVEN ISLAND!
Play WISHING WELL and other games at our MIDSUMMER EVE'S DREAM party, 1pm - 5pm WhyTime!
BASTILLE DAY! Come celebrate the FRENCH REVOLUTION with our first ever EIFFEL TOWER HUNT!
Come celebrate the 4TH OF JULY on Whyville with our annual STATUE OF LIBERTY HUNT!
WILSON CITY RESCUE Challenge Hour, 3 PM! HELP CITY WORKERS keep the citizens of Wilson safe!